Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Payday Financials

I'm so thankful today is payday.  I've felt completely disorganized as of late.  With the exception of groceries and household items, I feel like I've been a very busy beaver spending money.  I suppose that Christmas is the main culprit but I was feeling like it would never stop.  I also had booked our hotel for our trip in January and that was still sitting on our credit card (only for a week but still).

The main reason that I feel out if control with Christmas is because I don't have a total budget.  I know about what I want to spend on people and I shop with that in mind.  If something is more and is the prefect gift, I move on to find the perfect gift in my price range.  I buy seafood for Christmas dinner and baking supplies for 2-3 Christmas goodies/cookies.  I should probably have a total budget and save for it throughout the year but I've never done it that way.

I paid the credit card today to the tune of $2300.  We saved $500 in our investment account, $200 to the car fund, $1000 to regular savings and $500 for the beef purchase later this month.  I actually have no idea how much the beef will cost, hoping less than $1000.

We finally for the bill for our property taxes, $2770 for the year with our property assessed at $240,000.  It's worth about $100,000 more than the assessed value.  I was complaining to Y about the amount and he reminded me that we used to pay $4800 annually for a house assessed at $175,000.  OK, I guess $2770 isn't bad but I don't have that amount in the escrow savings account so I will need to dip into our regular savings.

I want to get a better grip on our finances.  I don't like waiting until payday to just pay everything and call it good.  I need to know where all of our money is going.

How do you budget for Christmas?  Do you save a bit monthly?


  1. I shop outrageously early, In fact I will start shopping for next Christmas right after the 1st of the year

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  3. We put money in the savings account monthly for Christmas. I usually start shopping in October, then the shopping kind of continues throughout the season. We still go over, though because I tend to give to charities more than we budget, or I buy more for hubs than allotted. I have about 20 different savings categories though and keep it on an excel spreadsheet. I would like to make it more simple eventually, but I don't know know how well it will work.

  4. For so many years, I have had a budget and had money waiting to go. This year has been a joke for us. We actually have credit card debt now. We didn't have debt for many, many years. I made a royal mess of things this year. 2016 we are getting back on track and fast.