Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Update

This is our menu for the week:
Today:  steaks, potatoes, and spinach salad
Sunday:  veggie pizza, jalapeño poppers and chicken bites
Monday:  spaghetti
Tuesday:  wild rice soup
Wednesday:  pork loin, quinoa, corn
Thursday:  homemade pizza
Friday:  shredded beef sandwiches--we are having friends over for a game night.  I will probably make a couple snacky appetizers also.

I'm about three fourths done Christmas shopping.  I have done most of it online but I actually need to go shopping for a couple presents.  I don't stress at all about Christmas anymore.  What gets done is great, what doesn't isn't a big deal.  I had three holiday parties this past week and I love seeing everybody.  I was reminded how much I love socializing.

We've had a wonderful day today.  We made a batch of cookies.  We went sledding behind the four-wheeler for a couple hours.  We didn't have this much snow last year so we definitely enjoyed playing in it.  I also took a nap with Lil G while Y took Lil Punk grocery shopping.  They spent a total $57 which leaves us $43 until the 15th.  We should be fine with that for our regular household spending.

Have a good week!

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