Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Spending

We had an expensive month with our vacation but we did not overspend in areas that we usually do.
Vacation $707.16. This was our spending money and money for parking, transportation to our hotel, all airport spending.
Groceries 526.45. Yay!!! This is low, even with 5 weekends.  We still bought food for our house when we were gone as the kids and MIL were here.
Gas 234.70
Misc. 186.20. New screen for my phone prior to vacation and a few other misc items
Alcohol 169.53 beer for us plus a few bottles of wine for MIL as thank you for watching the kids
Medical 160.29 misc items from December, should be medical flex moving forward
Activities 127 skating for Lil Punk and gymnastics for Punk, I'm going to do a parent tot gymnastics class with G starting next week.  Oh boy!
Household 90.41
School lunch 100 I just pay whenever the balance is low, should be good for a couple months
Clothing 94.98 new swimsuit for vacation and winter coat for Lil G
Toiletries 97.07 razors, makeup, expensive month for this
Cat 20
Eating out 6.90 we are actually going to consciously up this as we want Lil G to behave better in restaurants and work on overall dining manners.  He's 2 so it's hard.
Savings $1400. Woohoo!  Only 48,600 to go!  Lol

I thought it was a good month. I had toyed with the idea of doing a no spend February but I'm not going to.  I leave tomorrow for a short 3 day business trip and I will be doing some shopping.  In my town, we have Walmart and JCPenney so when I can go shopping, I usually do.  I want to go to the J.Crew outlet store.  I'm looking for a spring coat, belt and maybe jeans.  I will also buy Punk leggings there if they have kids stuff.  I'm sure I will also be buying drinks for myself and the support people who help me earn my paycheck.

How was you January?  Are you doing the be spend February?

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  1. Had a couple unexpected expenses in January - my cats chewed up my laptop cord grrrr. But overall it was a good month - managed to tuck close to $500 in savings. I'm very happy with that. Not doing the No Spend February - I couldn't be more frugal than I already am!