Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stressful Day

Today is a stressful day at work.  Aargh!  Most days I like my job but sometimes I don't, like today.  I like the challenge of it but I would also like to have an easy job.  But I've had easy jobs before and I was bored.  I also really like making money.

Maybe I should be a food critic.  I would love to check out new restaurants and write a review.  I would probably feel bad if I gave a bad review though and ruined a company's business.

What is your ideal/dream job?


  1. I always said I would just paint and wallpaper all day. I would have awesome overalls that would be covered in paint. Or I would craft all days.

    Or maybe read and eat cookies all day...that is a real job, right?

    Hope your day gets better...

  2. If I could make a lot of money at it, I would be a travel planner.

    Hope tomorrow goes better for you!

  3. I am sorry about your day - stressful ones suck! Honestly, I cannot think of anything I would rather do, other than travel, than what what I cam doing now. It doesn't pay much, but is very rewarding personally.

  4. So sorry you are bummed out today. If I could have the perfect job for me I would work in the film industry finding the exact tune from existing music to use in a film scene to perfectly set the mood the scene demands.

  5. Philanthropist - I would love to have millions of dollars and I could go about giving to different organizations and people in need.

  6. I have my dream job. I am a sahm. One of my sons refers to me as Molly Weasley. I liked working when I did, after college, and prior to kids, but this was always my dream.

  7. A multi-award winning author.

    Or working with horses (or animals).

    Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work. Hope today is better! xx

  8. I would like to be a paid author. That would be my dream.