Saturday, February 20, 2016

Busy Saturday

I am up bright and early on a Saturday morning with the kiddos.  Punk has gymnastics later this morning.  It's been so nice here that I will try to run outside during the hour that she's there.  I certainly will not be running for a solid hour but it will feel good to stretch my legs.  It feels like spring here this week.

The local grocery store has had awesome deals last week and this week.  We stocked up last week and I need to do the same today.  Assuming that the deals aren't the same next week, I'm planning to skip next week's grocery shop.  I usually go weekly but if I can go less often, it does save money.  I have menu planned for two weeks but may need to pick up fresh produce and milk.

I was sorting through some old financial documents earlier this week.  I came across a budget from 2009 before we had kids.  Our grocery budget was $300 and I stayed within it!  Granted we lived in a larger city with much cheaper groceries but still.  It has doubled for us.  Kids are expensive to feed.

Does anybody have any good tips for getting marked down food from Walmart?  There is never anything on the weekends.  I stopped to pick up fresh produce there this week and they had marked down hummus and pesto.  Do they usually mark down during the week?  Any particular day?


  1. Walmart seems to be a hit or miss thing here, I have better luck with discounted meats and produce at other grocery store, particularly a local one. Like clockwork every Monday morning they discount their meats and poultry that were not bought over the weekend. When I buy them I know I have to process it all immediately (either freeze or cook and then freeze) but the savings are substantial.
    You are eight about kids being expensive to feed and the older they get the more they cost. Good thing they are worth the investment!

  2. I'm no help as there are only two grocery stores where I live and no big box stores like Walmart.