Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Impatiently Waiting

I'm impatiently waiting for 2 forms from dividends to finish my taxes.  I've been checking every day.  The last day it can arrive is February 15.  I still haven't fully funded my Roth IRA so that is high in the priority list, along with finishing our basement.

This is a long weekend for Y and myself.  I'm debating sending the kids to daycare and having some adult time on Monday--maybe a belated Valentine's lunch.  I asked Punk if she wanted to go or stay home and she said she wanted to do both.  I guess its a good thing that they like their daycare.

We don't do anything romantic for Valentine's.  I will make a nice dinner for the whole family.  I can't tell my kids they would be getting a babysitter on the day meant for loved ones.  I will get my kids little treats, maybe books for each of them.


  1. Same situation here with taxes. Some institutions wait until the last minute. Grrr. You're right about the babysitter. Besides, not sure about the places where you live, but around here, the entree's are set at a prix fixe for Valentine's Day, and really aren't that great. They'll sell them as lunch specials later in the week.
    As far as my dh and I, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day...I like helping my litttles make their cards and boxes for school, but don't want to head out with my dh to prove we are in love. As we say, this brood speaks for themselves. One year, though, before he retired, he took a flight to London on Valentine's Day. While waiting for them to ready the hotel rooms for the creww when they arrived (15th) he went to .Sainsbury's, and bought me the BEST chocolate ever, at 50% off...bags and bags of it. He said the flight attendants were oohing and ahhhing over it, so he figured it must be good.

  2. I think some grownup time is in order!