Monday, February 29, 2016


Today is our payday and I thankfully paid all if our bills.  It has felt lately like I've been juggling bills.  I opened a Hilton Citi card and charged the required $1000 on there to get the bonus.  While I like the travel rewards, I think its hard to keep track of more than one credit card with our daily spending. I do have other credit cards that occasionally have a charge on them like Kohls and Target.  I cancelled a Home Depot card for Y this week as we never shop there.  I also cancelled an Express card for me.  We just don't need those little store cards out there that have zero value.

I'm also waiting on several reimbursements right now.  From my work, I expect a reimbursement of $1150.  $830 should be coming from daycare flex and $540 from medical flex.  I'm waiting on receipts for all three to finalize the reimbursements.  I want to put about $1500 from the reimbursements to my Roth IRA.

Happy Monday!!


  1. We have just 1 store credit card and we only use it if we need something and the store is have a credit card only discount. (It is for a local dept store) Other than that we have 2 national credit cards. We charge just about every single purchase (including groceries) then pay them off each month. We have sons on both coasts and have to travel to see them. It is amazing how many travel points we can accumulate this way, which is the only reason we operate with credit cards.

  2. Same here - we have a Southwest Card and put ALL of our monthly expenses on it and pay it off every month. We have a ton of points, but alas, no time to use them. I hope they don't expire!

  3. Right now I'm churning credit cards to maximize points. It does get confusing but I really want a free vacation.

  4. I've thought about doing the same with credit cards but have just stuck with two. One is joint with my husband and the other I've had since college and use for reimbursable expenses.