Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vacation Planning

I said that I wanted to have my next trip funded with rewards.  I'm still in the early stages of completing this but my strategy so far has been to get a rough game plan for our next vacation.  This is what we've come up with.  We will likely go to Arizona but we've also tossed around the idea of Florida again.  It will be a family trip.  We will need to rent a car that will be big enough for us to be comfortable.

For Arizona, we would have a direct flight to Phoenix.  We refuse to do another layover with the kids and that severely limits our options.  I think we would stay in Phoenix for a couple days, preferably at a hotel with a pool or water park.  Then we would drive to the Grand Canyon and spend a night in the park.  Y wants to see Hoover Dam so we would likely head over there toward evening.  We would spend a night there, do a tour and head back to the Phoenix area.  It's a bit of driving but not all at once.  Also, I'm always the driver on vacation and I love it.

We need this for free then:  round trip airfare for 4, rental vehicle, 5-6 nights in different hotels.  I think I can do this because I have time and credit on my side.

Suggestions?  Please tell me what you think.  Have you been to this area before?  Any other must do activities?


  1. I have visited Sedona a few times. It's really pretty and worth a trip and not too far from Phoenix.

  2. There is a train that takes you up to the Grand Canyon. They have a little show that happens on the way that has train robbers on horses come on the train. We did this last summer and my 12&11 year olds enjoyed it. There is a hotel in Williams AZ connected to The Grand Canyon Railway. Just remember to bring your own water bottles as the park does not sell plastic disposable ones, and the gift shop sells very expensive refillable ones! (There are water fountains to refill bottles at the park)

  3. We stayed on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, so I don't know much about the South Rim. I did not enjoy the park sleeping or eating facilities, but I hear South is better. Sounds like a great trip - I want to do it again - I love the area.

  4. Yes to the Grand Canyon & yes to Hoover Dam! We really wanted to do the Hoover Dam tour but it was closed when we got there. For the Grand Canyon we hiked to Guano Point on the West Rim - stunning views. We also did a visit to Red Rock Canyon at dusk to catch the sunset and do a bit of hiking - we got some amazing photos there and seen a donkey ! lol

  5. I think that it sounds wonderful where ever you go. Can you tell that I am burned out on winter? Can I go with? I can help take care of the kids. LOL