Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 Random Facts About Me

I'm copying Sharon at Midlife Musings for this one.

1. My major in college was history, completely unrelated to the sales field I'm in now.
2.  For a long time my favorite car was a Mitsubishi 3000GT.  I wanted one so bad!!
3.  Growing up, I showed in 4-H.  The animals I showed were cattle, horses, cats and rabbits.
4.  My first concert was Garth Brooks, still love his music.
5.  I first vacation was a month after high school graduation when I went to Dallas to visit my sister and I loved it!
6.  I love Texas.  They think big and I just love the culture.
7.  I just recently started eating 12 grain bread.  It's the only non-white bread that I will eat.
8.  I view both of my maternity leaves as the most relaxing and zen time.  I loved having a newborn.
9.   I strive for a zen life.  I only like chaos if it's created--like we have a party or something.
10.  I am the league manager for Fantasy Football at my work and I also do the brackets for March Madness.  I do not like to lose!!!


  1. Arnold's(it might go by another name out West)makes a Nutty Almond Bread. I "heart" this bread and suddenly I can't find it anymore. I can't tell you how good it is/was. I am a bit of a bread snob. lolz

    1. I've never heard of that kind of bread but it sounds good. I guess I will eat sourdough or white potato bread but I've always shied away from any kind of wheat bread because I didn't like it. What changed my mind is how much healthier wheat bread is and it has fiber. I love fiber! (Really, mildly obsessed with fiber). My kids love it and I'm always looking for healthier options for them.

  2. LOVED this!! Thank you so much for playing along! I love that you showed animals in 4-H... such a neat fact! :)

  3. These are a fun way to get to know our blog neighbors a bit better! Thanks!

  4. That was really fun! I love random facts about people. Thanks for sharing! :D

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