Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Numbers

March was a good month.  I went on a shopping trip to Minneapolis with two of my sisters.  I got a ton of cute spring clothes, shoes and jewelry.  I've definitely gotten picky about what clothes I like.  I spent around $400 but I should be good for summer now.  We've had a ton of kids activities this month, skating finale, swimming lessons and gymnastics.  I also bought two tickets to Garth Brooks with our friends for $280 total.  We never go to concerts but I love Garth and the first concert I ever went to was him.

Regarding savings, I maxed out my Roth for 2015 this month.  That along with our other savings this month totalled $5900.  Our savings year to date is $8200 which puts us behind of where we should be.  To meet our $50,000 goal, we should be at $12,500.  However, it's not looking like I will achieve that lofty goal.  My income is down quite a bit from last year but we're only done with the first quarter.

Another goal for the year was to make $2000 I'm dividends on our stock account.  I made $143.97 in March bringing the annual total to $281.94 thus far.  With this pace, I won't even hit $1200.  I haven't bought any stocks yet this year because I've been focused on my Roth.

The other number that is always important to me is our grocery spending.  We spent $590 this month, squeaking under our $600 monthly goal.  I didn't add up all the other categories but they all looked pretty in line with our regular spending.  I've been keeping our grocery trips to once a week. I need to go that often to keep our fresh produce stocked but it gets way more expensive if we go more than that.

I'm thinking of doing a mini personal grocery challenge.  I just need to do a bit of planning.

I'm also hoping that April is a good month.  Bring on Spring!!


  1. Great numbers. You will retire a millionaire! Just don't tell your family.....:)

  2. Great job maxing out the Roth for 2015, I am working on doing the same!

  3. I have landed in Min many times, but never really been IN the city. I will have to do that one of these years. That's great that you are sticking to grocery shopping once a week. I found I bought for more impulse items when I went more often. I saw Garth once...the tour when he came out of the top of the piano. It was amazing.

  4. I would love to see Garth Brooks!

    Numbers are looking great!

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