Monday, March 7, 2016

Savings Update

In January we saved $1400 and in February, we saved $900.  The total of $2300 is $47,700 shy of our $50,000 goal.  I hope to save the remainder for my Roth IRA for 2015 this month, $5000 remaining.  It seems like I've been saving for these Roth's for so long and I'm eager to buy more stocks in our retail account.  We have a lot of savings left to go if we're going to meet our goal this year.

We've done very well with groceries the past 2 months.  Last month we were below $500.  I've been doing my best to go shopping no more than once per week.  When we go more often than that, it tends to be more expensive.  I've also been menu planning which helps.

This is our menu for this week:
Tonight:  pork chops with leftover veggie pasta salad
Tuesday:  pizza, I'm doing happy hour with my friend so Y and the kids are on their own
Wednesday:  spaghetti with veggies
Thursday:  BLT's with veggies
Friday:  shredded pork tacos

We've been hanging out with our neighbors more often and that tends to be a frugal get together.  We have been doing dinner or BBQ's at each other's houses.  The only money we spent all weekend was for groceries.  This is a slow time of year for me at work so I need to be extra careful on what we spend.  My kids have outgrown all of their clothes though.  They both need entirely new summer wardrobes.

Happy Monday!


  1. Well done with the savings and grocery budget!

  2. We do the same thing here - grocery shopping only once a week. All those little trips can really add up if your not careful

  3. That is an amazing savings goal! Good job starting the year off strong!