Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday update

Today is our payday and I moved $3200 into my Roth for 2015.  I want to max it out this month and I might take money out of our savings to just be done with it.

My income has been reduced quite a bit from last year.  Working on commission can be a roller coast ride sometimes.  I'm hoping my income goes up but I'm also enjoying the relaxing pace at work.  A part of me wishes that I was content with making less money because I probably would have less stress.

I'm going out of town on Thursday and Friday this week.  My sister and I are meeting in Minneapolis for a couple days.  We will have so much fun shopping and going out.

Lil Punk is sick today so I'm home with her.  We're just chilling watching Paw Patrol now.  It's actually a pretty good cartoon.  Does anybody else have a Paw Patrol fan in their house?


  1. No kids in my house - but the grandmothers and moms at my work have mentioned Paw Patrol a few times ! Mostly cursing around Christmas when certain toys were difficult to find, lol.

  2. Have a wonderful trip with your sister. Also try not to stress about less income. You can always make money but you will never get this time again. Enjoy the kids and a less stressful workday!

  3. My youngest, age 5 1/2, loves Paw Patrol. It is one of the better ones. I've never been much of a cartoon fan, but the kids have turned me over the years.

  4. Have a great time with your sister! Those kinds of trips can be the best memories. Also, great job on working on getting your Roth funded. I am thinking about doing the same and getting it funded for 2015. Every little bit counts when it comes to retirement!

  5. My youngest is 20 so we don't watch cartoons much. LOL. I'm an old fart now.

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