Sunday, April 17, 2016

First Garden Pics of the Year

We planted garlic last year from from bulbs that we had grown.  All 14 bulbs came up and are doing really well.
We have asparagus peaking through also.  I spent a couple hours weeding the asparagus patch.

We also planted 6 sugar sweet cherry bushes today.  I hope they make it because they are really little.  They are hardy to zone 2 so I'm hopeful.  I will probably still mulch around them but they need to make it to the fall before that's even an issue.

The only veggie I've planted so far in the garden is potatoes but I have not seen anything poke through yet.  It's been pretty cold so I'm hoping this week that I see a few green buds come up.  I planted seed potatoes from last year's crop but I also bought some in the store.  I need a backup plan in case the homegrown ones don't come up.

I still haven't ordered my seeds.  I need to do that because I can't find some of the cucumber and pumpkins that I like to plant in the stores around here.  I just need to take the time to figure out what to order.

Anybody else gardening?


  1. Garlic, onions, carrots, Romaine lettuce, snap peas and potatoes so far. I will continue to plant the peas and onions over the next several weeks for a continual harvest. It's SO nice here, that I am tempted to plant the rest of my garden, but I know we have to wait until Memorial Day. I will plant corn, pole beans, slicing cucumbers, carving pumpkins, and tomatoes. My new crop (my treat to myself) will be acorn squash. No zucchini this year, as I still have a freezer full of last year's. (I shred it before freezing.)
    Our apple trees look great, as does our pear tree. My cherry tree is trying, but it's still a baby. The plum tree bloomed before the temps hit a high enough temperature to get the nectar to run and attract bees, so I doubt I will have any plums this year. The blackberry bushes have gone wild! We'll have a freezer full of those come fall.
    Meanwhile, I am trying to plan meals around the food in our pantry to make room and availble jars for canning season. Come spring, I like to only purchase staples, like flour, sugar, oats, butter and eggs, and any meats that are a good price. I don't buy a lot of produce out of season. My kids get home canned or frozen veggies and fruit until the garden starts producing or the stores have prices I can stomach.

    1. I'm so jealous of the blackberry bushes. We love them and we are a tad bit far north for them. We need to plant one more apple tree as one died last year and we need two for pollination. How are your pears? I've thought of planting a pear tree but haven't done so yet. Our neighbors have two cherry trees and they look so cool.

      I don't know if I'm going to plant zucchini this year. Nobody in my household eats it so it goes to waste.

    2. The pear is o.m., but only because our neighbor's have two trees, so it was close enough to pollinate. You need a pollinator for pears nust as you do apples.
      We put in a crabapple tree to pollinate our apple trees. Crabapple trees are universal pollinators. Plus, the crabapples give applesauce and cider a great flavor. The apple trees are funny...some seem to only bear fruit every other year. When I asked at a local orchard, they said this was normal for some varieties.
      Ha!!! Here in the PNW, blackberries are a nuisance! I am an east coast transplant. When we bought this place, I told the realtor I thought I'd love to plant some. She gasped, and said"Nooooooo!" She was right.

  2. Speaking of which, happy national garlic day. :) Yup, that's a real thing. I planted snow pea before. It turned out well. I don't really enjoy gardening as much as other people though lol. Asparagus can be expensive at the store though so growing your own sounds like a pretty good idea.

  3. We planted garlic, tomatoes, onions, red leaf lettuce, kale, basil, rosemary, lemon balm and sage. We have 2 pear trees. 1 blue berry plant that comes back every year (the other one died). We have one orange tree and 1 tangerine tree.

  4. My chives are up and I've used some once with baked potatoes :) On my forest walks I've seen wild leeks but they aren't ready to pull yet. I saw a recipe for wild leek pesto and want to try it.

  5. So exciting! I love seeing the first buds come up in spring! We just finished cleaning up and planting moms flower garden, and are working on the veggie beds in the coming weeks.