Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Professional Advice Needed

I need advice on dealing with a coworker.  Let me preface:  I like 98-99% of the people I meet.  There is always something I find that I like in people.  I do not like this coworker.  He tries to pretend like he's my boss or at least above me.  He's condescending and likes others to know that he's above them.  He looks down on blue collar workers, a fact that I tend to take personally.  He tries to set up meetings with me because he wants me to know that he's in control.

Not only is he not my boss, he doesn't even work in the same department that I do.  We do work at the same location and are expected to work together periodically on different things.  I am very good at my job and he is not but could be in the future.  I don't have respect for how he works because he wants everyone else to do the hard work and he wants to step in to take credit.

I don't expect that I will ever like him.  However, I can work well with people that I don't like if I respect them.  I tend to respect others that are good at their jobs and try their best.  If they're not good at their jobs, I at least expect a friendly attitude in the workplace.

How does one deal with this type of personality?  I look at this with an attitude that I need personal growth to deal with him.  But how?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daycare for the Summer

Lil Punk will be going back to daycare for the summer.  Our monthly daycare bill will go from to $850 to $1100.  I'm not looking forward to the increase but it's still our best option.  My neighbor has 3 kids and she hires another neighbor high schooler to watch her kids.  She talked to me about having my kids watched by the same girl.  I opted not to pursue that as I would rather have my kids in a daycare.  It might be cheaper but not by much.  Their daycare brings her to T-ball and swimming.  They also go to the zoo, movies, and park regularly.

I'm debating about having Punk in gymnastics this summer.  It's twice a week for 75 minutes for June and/or July.  Each monthly session is $92.  She just advanced to the intermediate class and I'm worried about her losing her skills over the summer.  I am looking forward to a break from activities though.

I love summer and am so happy that it's right around the corner!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


This spring we planted six sweet cherry bushes.  So far, they're doing well.  They are quite small so I'm hoping they have good growth this year.  I also planted goji berries in pots.  With planting those, I checked off a goal for this year to plant two berry plants.  I also planted a new apple tree to replace the one the deer killed.  They love the sweet little leaves on the apple trees.  We have at least one deer living in our yard/woods.  We've seen it here since it was a yearling.

I have about half my garden planted.  I'm planning on going to the local greenhouse this weekend.  This is what's on my list:  regular sweet peppers, mini sweet cherry peppers, ground cherries, cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, some sort of beefsteak tomatoes, kohlrabi, cabbage, celery, basil, leeks, and several types of hot peppers.  I might have missed some items.  I realized a few years back that I must have a detailed list prior to going to the greenhouse.

We actually went last weekend to get strawberry plants.  I planted 25 plants last year in a raised bed and only 2 of them survived the winter.  I ordered those online last year so I'm hoping the new local ones fare better.  My kids picked out a few flowers, too.  I always let them buy flowers because my grandma always had flowers for us kids.

I've also contemplated planting either a pear or plum tree.  We have wild plum trews here and they do phenomenally well here.  I would like a plum tree with larger plums.  I will have to research what will donwell here.  Lil Punk loves pears so a pear tree would be perfect for her.

Does anybody else have planting fever?

Friday, May 13, 2016


Today is Friday and both our paydays!  It's not a good month for my income but I haven't changed our automatic savings so things are tight.  It is looking like the next few months should be better so I increased my 401k contributions up to 22%.  I want to max out my 401k sooner than later.  Y has also been getting a bit of overtime which helps out.

We will save $900 this month.  $500 to our stock account and $400 for a new to me car.  I don't plan to buy the car soon but I will need to at some point.  With this paycheck, I will have $4000 in that account.  Another goal that I need to focus on is increasing the annual dividends from our retail stocks.  My goal was to have $2000 and I'm quite a bit below that now.

Other than the money, things are good here.  I planted about half my garden last weekend.  Lil Punk and I completed her first ever 5k.  We did a walk/run combo and we came in 6th place.  It was a fundraiser for MDA and I think everybody there was there to raise money and not to run.  I'm proud of her her for doing that.  She's only 6.  Lil G ran about half of it with Y and tuckered out.

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 2, 2016

To New Car or Not??

Every day as I pull into work I park next to my coworker's shiny Infinity SUV and I'm reminded of how nice it would be to drive a new to me car.  I would love to have a newer, reliable car with four wheel drive for our snowy winters.  I'm putting away $400 monthly in anticipation of my next car.  I could easily trade my savings for a car payment.

If I could squash my practical side, I could easily make this happen.  However, I want to pay cash for my next vehicle.  I detest owing money.  I loathe getting paid only to watch my paycheck slip away to creditors.  Vehicles are the worst way to spend money as they depreciate rapidly.  With the law of diminishing returns, I think my happiness would only go up for a month at the very most.

I won't buy a new vehicle any time soon but I still daydream about it now and then.