Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daycare for the Summer

Lil Punk will be going back to daycare for the summer.  Our monthly daycare bill will go from to $850 to $1100.  I'm not looking forward to the increase but it's still our best option.  My neighbor has 3 kids and she hires another neighbor high schooler to watch her kids.  She talked to me about having my kids watched by the same girl.  I opted not to pursue that as I would rather have my kids in a daycare.  It might be cheaper but not by much.  Their daycare brings her to T-ball and swimming.  They also go to the zoo, movies, and park regularly.

I'm debating about having Punk in gymnastics this summer.  It's twice a week for 75 minutes for June and/or July.  Each monthly session is $92.  She just advanced to the intermediate class and I'm worried about her losing her skills over the summer.  I am looking forward to a break from activities though.

I love summer and am so happy that it's right around the corner!


  1. If one high school kids watched 5 kids...that is alot of responsibility. I would have picked daycare as well.

    I would continue to do is only one month.

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  3. Ditto the feedback about too many kids for a high schooler. Our kids go to summer camps (a variety of them), mixed in with a few vacations & a couple of weeks (not all at once) with my parents. It's insanely expensive (as everything is around here), but very few options.

  4. With kids it is hard to know what is best, but I would have been very uneasy having one teen take care of 5 kids.

  5. Daycare sounds like a better option too.
    Have a wonderful summer! I love this time of year. We planted some flowers and are getting ready to open the pool. Yay, I'm happy!!!

  6. It’s truly a nice post on day-care for summer. I think it is a great idea to keep your kids busy in summers too. I am a teacher at Phoenix kindergarten and we too run summer day care. It is quite a big advantage for working parents and kids also enjoy there a lot!!