Friday, May 13, 2016


Today is Friday and both our paydays!  It's not a good month for my income but I haven't changed our automatic savings so things are tight.  It is looking like the next few months should be better so I increased my 401k contributions up to 22%.  I want to max out my 401k sooner than later.  Y has also been getting a bit of overtime which helps out.

We will save $900 this month.  $500 to our stock account and $400 for a new to me car.  I don't plan to buy the car soon but I will need to at some point.  With this paycheck, I will have $4000 in that account.  Another goal that I need to focus on is increasing the annual dividends from our retail stocks.  My goal was to have $2000 and I'm quite a bit below that now.

Other than the money, things are good here.  I planted about half my garden last weekend.  Lil Punk and I completed her first ever 5k.  We did a walk/run combo and we came in 6th place.  It was a fundraiser for MDA and I think everybody there was there to raise money and not to run.  I'm proud of her her for doing that.  She's only 6.  Lil G ran about half of it with Y and tuckered out.

Happy Friday!

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