Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Midpoint Checkup

I'm anxiously awaiting 2 more retirement account totals so I can't actually tally that up yet but I know where we're at with the rest.

1.  Non retirement account dividends sit at $564.74 for the year so far.  My goal was $2000 in dividends for the year so I'm way off.  I don't know if I will meet this goal and  okay with that.
2.  I've contributed just over $9100 to my 401k so I'm on track to max it out.  I will have a couple larger paychecks coming up so I should be squared away on this one.
3.  This far, we've saved $14,260.  This brings me way short of saving $50,000 this year and I'm okay with that.  I'm having better work life balance this year and am making less as a result.  I will work on ramping this up in the next couple months.

Overall, I'm happy with where we're at.  I would like to beef up savings bit I always want to do that.  How is your year going?


  1. Our year is going well savings wise, I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be! I'd love to hit my goal faster so we can do what we want to do with it, but it'll take time... So I think I may ramp up on my highest goal but not till after I hit all 3 of my savings goals!

  2. wow you have done phenomenal! No way I could do a goal of $50 000 a year. That's more than my whole net income lol

  3. We're doing well, although I changed my "leave work" goal. We are still saving, saving, saving for a house!