Monday, October 3, 2016

October Goals

I love October.  I love pumpkins, crisp mornings, harvesting the last of my garden and Halloween among everything else in October.  We cleaned out the last squash and pumpkins from our garden today.  Lil G and I also dug more potatoes today.  Punk and G painted their first pumpkin.  I roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time this year.  We had a nice fall day.

For October goals:
1.  Buy $7000 of stocks
2.  Deposit $1000 in the 529 plans I opened last month
3.  Deposit $1000 into house savings
4.  Track all spending

 It will be a challenging month but I'm up for it.  On top of this, this might be my best production month ever professionally.

What do you love about October?