Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Almost Free Vacation

We are going on vacation next month to Arizona.  We fly into Phoenix, will stay one night, drive to Sedona the next day where we will stay for two nights and go back to Phoenix to a water park for a couple nights.  I have used credit card points to pay for most of it.  We signed up for the Barclay card this past year and used it for everything.  We were able to use those points for all but $167 for our flights.  I used my previous points from my US Bank card to rent a midsize SUV.  I used previous points from my Chase card to pay for the hotel in Sedona for two nights.  I was a little short and had to cover $98 for that hotel.  I signed up this past year for a Hilton card.  I used it a minimal amount but was able to get enough points to almost cover 2 nights at a  Hilton Resort which has a water park for the kiddos.  I had to pay $100 for additional points to cover the Hilton hotel.  So far, I've spent $365.  I do still have to cover the first night in Phoenix but we will just get something mediocre since we get in late that night.

We plan to drive to the Grand Canyon from Sedona.  I also want to go the Butterfly museum in Phoenix one day.  I would also like to go hiking around Sedona with the family.

My goal was to use points for our whole vacation.  I'm very close to doing it but it won't happen this year.  Plus, we will not have any points after this vacation to keep for next year.  I'm ok with what we have but I'm going to aim for a completely free vacation next year.

Has anybody else used perks or points to vacation free?  I love hearing others stories as it inspires me.


  1. We've just started this! We got a Chase Sapphire rewards card, which has a lot of extra reward points for travel (which I do several times a year for work anyway). We'll use it towards our first vacation without kids probably but we don't know yet where or when we're going. Sometime next winter, I hope

  2. Nice work! We used points/rewards from our credit card to fund most of our Hawaii trip. It covered a suite for 5 nights in a nice hotel in Maui. I payed out of pocket for the other night. I used a companion fare (via our credit card) for the flights, & then upgraded to first class with upgrades earned via work travel. I'm working on my 2017 travel budget & have to get really creative to afford what we have in mind with all of the family traveling.