Saturday, January 7, 2017

Entertainment Expenses

One area we have decided to spend more on is entertainment.  We want to have more experiences and are willing to pay for it.

Last weekend we went to Wisconsin to spend New Years with two of my sisters.  We went tubing at a ski resort there.  It was expensive but totally worth it.  Lil G even lasted for the entire 3 hours.  He was a trooper.  Punky had a blast going down with my sisters, brother-in-law and her cousin.  It was fun to travel to see them.  I miss them so much.  We even talked about moving to be closer to them.

We are currently renting a rustic cabin in a state park.  We had actually planned this trip a few months back with friends.  We each have a cabin for our families.  The cabins have electricity but no other amenities.  We brought an electric skillet with to cook breakfast tomorrow as there are no cooking facilities.  We rented cross country skis today and went sledding.  It was so cold though, about minus 10.  We are now hunkered down in our cabin.  Y and the kids are watching a movie on the portable DVD player and I'm catching up on blogs while appreciating the fire and being in the middle of the woods.  We had a couple bottles of wine earlier with our friends and played a dice game.  These are the times that memories are made of :)

Next weekend we are planning on going to Monster Jam with the kiddos.  Lil G is excited to see Grave Digger.  It's crazy that monster truck is still around because I saw it more than 20 years ago.

We are comfortable increasing how much we spend on entertainment.  We feel that it does improve our quality of life.  Anybody else spending more and enjoying it?


  1. We do have an entertainment budget built in yearly. We love plays of all kinds and also love music, so we buy season tickets every year to Broadway over Birmingham. We also travel to NYC a couple or 3 times a year ( Son3 is in school there) and include a play or dance and at least 2 nights in a jazz club while we are there. There is a local small acoustically perfect venue near our home and we frequent it on a regular basis, but we do pick and choose who/what we want to hear. In a week and a half Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra will be here and we can't wait to see/hear them. We have a small lake place so that is our "out of town" get away spot We also go to Portland Oregon a couple of times a year (Son1 lives there) We do interesting things there but try to make them mostly free, since the trip itself is rather expensive. While there we stay at a hotel with an indoor pool so Granddaughter can come swim. So our T and E budget is quite high, but geeze, you only live once!

  2. Your weekend sounds fabulous! Right now, we don't have a lot of time for entertainment, so tend to combine it with travel. We have a tiny entertainment budget that we usually use for renting movies, etc. We looked at going skiing for one day in January, but the price was absolutely exorbitant - $350 for the four of us, given we'd need to stay at a hotel. Maybe one day we'll get back on the slopes, but it's too pricey right now!

  3. We do interesting things there but try to make them mostly free, since the trip itself is rather expensive.


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