Sunday, February 26, 2017

Taxes Filed

I just filed our taxes on Friday.  I received the last capital gains statement on Friday from Capital One Investing.  I used for the free federal filing and $12.95 for the state filing.  We are getting back $3069 for federal and $14 for state.  I'm happy that we are getting money back.  My commissioned income is all over the place so it is impossible to accurately withhold correctly.   I would rather get back money at tax time than pay in.

We made the most money that we ever have in 2016.  The money actually feels a bit bittersweet.  I was the most stressed that I've ever been at work the last half of the year.  My sales activity is now back to normal and I'm way less stressed.  I actually leave work everyday now to work out during lunch versus scarfing down lunch at my desk.

Have you filed taxes yet?  Anybody else receiving a refund?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Big Fat Goal

I never did post my goals for 2017.  The reason is that I've had trouble finding motivation and inspiration.  However, I have one major goal that is exciting to me.  I want to have $100,000 in our joint stock accounts.  We started the year with $75,785.73.  I track this monthly so I will update at the end of this month.  At the end of January, we had $75,447.99.  The loss was mainly due to our investments.  I purchased Under Armour and it's taken a beating this year.  But I also purchased Unilever toward the end of 2016 and I've made over $1000 on that in the last few business days.

The other goals I have for 2016 involve maxing out my 401k, both Roth IRS's, paying down the mortgage a bit, increasing Y's 457 contributions and increasing 529 contributions for both kiddos.  For my person goals, I want to continue working out at the gym, run 3 5k's, finish basement, plant an apple tree, plant two other berry trees/shrubs and an vacation for 2018.  And have a more relaxing year.  So far, so good on the last one!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Giving to Needy?

We were at a Walmart in Phoenix tonight when we were approached by a lady.  She said her baby needed diapers and food.  I asked her what size diapers.  She said size six.  I gave her some pullups and asked her what kind of food she wanted for her baby.  She said cooked chicken, bread and avocadoes.  I told her I would buy her food.  I went in and bought her a cooked chicken, bread and bananas.  I brought them back out to her.  She said thank you and stayed where she was with an older guy whom she introduced as her dad.

I think that I was likely lied to and she just wanted money for drugs or whatever.  However, I cannot walk away from somebody who says they have a hungry baby/child.

What would you do?  Walk away?  Give her money?  Or buy food for her?

I'm not looking for affirmation either way.  I'm just curious.  We don't really have homeless people where we live because it is bitterly cold and a really low unemployment rate.