Sunday, February 26, 2017

Taxes Filed

I just filed our taxes on Friday.  I received the last capital gains statement on Friday from Capital One Investing.  I used for the free federal filing and $12.95 for the state filing.  We are getting back $3069 for federal and $14 for state.  I'm happy that we are getting money back.  My commissioned income is all over the place so it is impossible to accurately withhold correctly.   I would rather get back money at tax time than pay in.

We made the most money that we ever have in 2016.  The money actually feels a bit bittersweet.  I was the most stressed that I've ever been at work the last half of the year.  My sales activity is now back to normal and I'm way less stressed.  I actually leave work everyday now to work out during lunch versus scarfing down lunch at my desk.

Have you filed taxes yet?  Anybody else receiving a refund?


  1. Oh my goodness, yes, we just did them today. We are getting a refund for the first time in over 12 years - mainly due to my husbands bonuses. Our refund is mainly because we did not have a bonus last year and depreciation on my machines! OH MY GOODNESS! Depreciation is the BOMB! We get a refund this year to the tune of about $2,800!

  2. Haven't filed yet - spoke with the accountant today & expected to have all of the paperwork uploaded by tomorrow. Our main bank (JP Morgan still hasn't processed the tax forms). We never receive a refund, and I don't expect this year to break that trend. ;-)

  3. Depreciation is the BOMB! We get a refund this year to the tune of about $2,800!


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