Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gender Wage Gap

Since it is International Women's Day today, there are quite a few articles about the gender wage gap.  There is no doubt that there is still very much a wage gap but I do think there are areas that women can fight back.

I'm lucky in that I work for an organization that values women.  Our CEO is a woman.  My boss is a senior vice president and is a woman.  There are many women in management.

I am in sales so I am on a commission comp plan.  It is the same plan as my male coworkers.  How do I know that?  Because I ask them of course.  When our comp plans are changed, I usually end up discussing it with at least three or four coworkers.  I want to know that I'm being paid equally with the only variance being what we produce.  Our employer has never told us not to discuss our pay so I'm not being insubordinate by doing so.  In general, I find that most people don't discuss it because they are unsure how others will react.  However, unless you are in an HR position, there is no way to know unless you ask so I ask.

If I wasn't paid the same, I would either wait for a review or email my boss right away and ask for a change to my compensation.  Yes, it's bold but nobody else really cares about what I make more than me.

I do think that women could fight the gender gap by asking for more and being assertive about it.  It is worth noting that some companies are never going to comply.  They are a good old boys club with no room for women.  My last company was like that and I looked to leave when I had a reasonable amount of experience there.

How about you?  Are you paid the same as your male counterparts?  This subject fascinates me so I would love to hear your input.


  1. I am not sure. My male counterpart and I are about equal in pay, but a lot of it has to do that I have been there far longer than him.

  2. I am sure I was paid the same as male counterparts in most jobs. However, the ones I am not sure about had a strict rule of not discussing salary.