Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Stock buys

I didn't buy any others to know than the regular $500 we have going into mutual funds.  For this month, I've made a couple stock purchases.  I bought 100 shares of Target in three separate transactions.  I happened to buy Target shares last fall.  When my stock was up $1000 in two months, I sold around Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful that I was able to time it and sold high.  I'm now buying at what I feel is a low but time will tell.

I also bought 14 shares of BP.  I own just under 180 shares of BP and I would like to buy more.

My retail stock accounts are over $80,000 so only about $20,000 more to go this year 😃

Anybody else buying in this funky market?  If so, what are you buying?


  1. I don't play the stock market. I just have my 401k into an aggressive portfolio and let it do it's work. My dad used to buy and sell and did well. I just don't know enough about it (nor have enough money)

  2. Unfortunately not, I would love to but with the house build, all the money is going there right now. Salivating watching though...

  3. I am currently funding any extra money (above the budgeted) to get my Vanguard International Total Stock Market mutual fund from investor shares to admiral ones.

  4. Hey! I buy small cap shares as these tend to be overlooked by the big boys so are more likely to be undervalued. I build discounted cash flows to model the stocks. Currently bought a load of shares in Everyman Group PLC (EMAN) on the UK AIM market. Target price of 218 pence but currently sat at 145 pence.

  5. Wondering how you guys are - missing your posts.

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