Monday, October 9, 2017

Columbus Day

I had a lovely day off.  I went shopping with a good friend as we both had the day off.  We went to the mall to take care of a couple exchanges and hit up an awesome department sale.  We had a delicious sushi lunch downtown.  We then found an awesome little boutique.  I bought a vest, blush jacket and a long sweater, just right for fall.  We finished the afternoon with my first trip to Costco.  I spent about $100 at Costco.  It was nice to go with a friend for my first trip there as she showed me why she always gets and what she loves. I think I am going to get a membership there but I will definitely have to watch how I spend money there.

I also spent $125 at the grocery store this weekend.  I was hoping to make it another week but we were out of almost all produce.

This is what we had for meals this past week.
Thursday-- I ate at the funeral and DH took the kids out
Friday-- I was exhausted and cooked a shrimp sesame veggie meal from the freezer.
Saturday-- Saturday lunch we went out with a friend and I made spaghetti for dinner.
Sunday-- My in-laws came over for lunch and we made eggs and biscuits.  I made a rice, sausage, spinach and tomatoes with cheese.
Tonight-- I made spinach salads and topped them off with Costco quinoa salad.  We are having carrots and cauliflower with dip as we watch the Vikings now.

So far I've spent about $225 this month with groceries.  I'm hoping we can skip grocery shopping this weekend.

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