Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Eats

I was held up at work so DH made dinner.  He made rice noodles with stir fry sauce with green beans and chicken, topped with almonds.  It was delicious but Lil G didn't like it.  

Tomorrow Punk has basketball practice 30 minutes after daycare so I made us a lunch.  I made her a pb & honey sandwich.  I made a sandwich with leftover boneless pork ribs, onions and jalapeño mustard for myself.  I threw in some cherry tomatoes from the garden and veggies straws.  I would love some suggestions about how other parents handle dinner with bringing kids to sports right after school/daycare.  We live out of town so we can't go home quickly to eat.  

I'm praying for everybody affected by the terrible shooting in Las Vegas.  What a horrible and senseless atrocity.  


  1. When my sons were kids, the crock pot and microwave were my best friends for dinners when everyone was running different directions after school.

  2. Like Anne, I use the slow cooker.

  3. When we had right after school activities the vehicle was full of snackables. Picture a tackle box with sections. Some fruit, some veggies, some meat, some cheese, some craackers

  4. We try to plan ahead for crockpot meals to run in and grab or just make sandwiches like you did. A cooler without ice will also keep a precooked frozen pizza (in foil) warm for a while. We keep cheese and crackers, string cheese, gogurts and baby carrots around for the nights we just forget. Another option is we precook a bunch of chicken breaststroke and precut salad bags so we can throw those together in a container to go fast....It does become a habit after a while. Way healthier than fast food!

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