Saturday, October 28, 2017

October Food Challenge

I haven't kept up with posting but I have been pretty solid with eating down our pantry.  I have spent $416 this month on groceries but DH stopped for a couple items so I need to get his receipts and add to the tally.  We have had our first snow here so I will be back to having a more stocked pantry.  My pantry still has the basics but there are certain items that I always have in the winter to be prepared for the lovely weather that is surely in store.

We have a busy weekend.  We had friends over last night and I made beef stroganoff and green beans.  I'm planning on taking my daughter to the library this morning.  Friends invited us over to their house later to see it.  They finished up building it about 6 months ago but we haven't been over to see it yet.  The Vikings play tomorrow in London so we will watch them tomorrow morning at 8:30.  We have friends coming over tomorrow and the guys are going to shoot.  I'm planning on making fish tacos.

I love getting together with friends and it's easier to get together at a house than try to go out.  I used to try to cook a more elaborate meal for guests but now I just focus on making something good.  Beef stroganoff isn't fancy but it went over well last night.  If you have people over, how do you decide what to make?  Or do you go out more than have people over?

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  1. I always remember the huge pantry's we had in the Dakotas. When we moved to Montana the neighborhood kids were fascinated by this stocking of food. I don't think they understood being snowed in or at least not wanting to get out to a store. I love having people over, but with mom it gets harder. I try to make good home food as most people don't like fancy. But I try to make a fancy dessert.