Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Using Leftovers

We had a dinner comprised of leftovers.  We had meatball sandwiches on buns from last week.  The meatballs were left over from a party I had last Friday evening.  We had frozen veggies on the side.

I did stop at Walmart after work for milk, bananas, romaine lettuce and a yellow cake mix.  The cake mix was a must as I'm making bars tonight for a friend's baby's funeral tomorrow.  Her baby had Trisomy 18 and was lucky to live a week.  It makes me so grateful to have healthy children while also feeling for my friend.  Y didn't want to go to the funeral with me tomorrow.  I was going to push him to go but my bf told me not to.  She said it was likely too soon for him to handle another funeral after his brother's 3 months ago.

In good news, I had a huge sales presentation today to 22 people.  It went well and I'm so happy it's over.  Public speaking is hard but sales presentations are even harder.


  1. A baby funeral is soooo sad. Who is Y?

    1. It is so sad. The baby was expected to pass right away at birth so it was a small miracle that she lived a week. Y is my DH.

  2. Public speaking is hard but sales presentations are even harder.


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